Mystic Revelry

sotd: tired of talking – leon

Another day another almost forgotten blog post. I got the bus home yesterday and this kid in the year above got it, he hasn’t gotten it in months so we had a quick catch up, filled each other up on the drunken revelry that had happened in each other’s year and then dunno just nattered on so I didn’t get no blog post done and I’m starting now because I’m procrastinating re-drafting my English essay.

Do I have much to say? no. Will I mumble on regardless and hope I actually get a few likes on this?yes.

We talked a little about universities today on that lonely bus that trundled along the main road, he doesn’t know what he wants to study; it’s politics or economics, he doesn’t know, neither do I but what’s scary is he needs to send in his university applications with deadly haste whereas I have another year to procrastinate and meander in. Then I realised I only had a year to decide what I would dedicate the rest of my youth to doing. That’s scary but slightly wrong. Tons of people don’t end up doing what they studied, my dad did electrical engineering and who knows what he does now, people jump cross platform and etc. This seems really disjointed but I am sort of considering not going to university (shock awe, the pretentious blog shit wants to skip uni and start a business) but hear (read) me out. I was watching a video a few weeks ago and the kid tells redbeard he wants to go to university, now the guy is clever, he knows already that most of the stuff he will learn at university he can self teach but he persists on saying that he wants to go because of the social proof, the name “Harvard” on an application is far more impressive than the knowledge gleaned from the experience. Now Redbeard tells him that yeah sure the social proof is good and will get you into job interviews but what’s the opportunity cost, what could you do instead with 4 years of your life when you’re at your most energetic and nimble (not to mention saving thousands of dollars in debt) if you make the most of the years you’ll come out far better than any Harvard graduate.

That is, of course provided you actually do work in the years you take off, a friend’s mum complained that “without school you kids would do no work” and she’s right school provides a good structure for you to keep working and it keeps doing it until eventually you develop a positive attitude towards it or you get blitzed every weekend trying to salvege some fun in your life. But provided you do actually get your nose to the grindstone you can do wonders in those few years.

Of course you really can’t do that if you want to pursue something that has a “gateway degree” something that you need to possess in order to enter that job world. Good luck trying to be a doctor without a degree or a teacher without a teaching licence so yeah if I do decide to save lives then I will have to go to university.

The other thing is that university here is comparably cheap compared to america. The government provides student loans with pitiful interest rates and scottish universities are free so yeah actually pretty easy.

Plus there’s a bunch more things you learn in university but I need to actually start working now so I’m not going to list them.


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