The Hardest Rule

Sotd: not yet found but will probably add one later, in my eagerness to find a song I liked today I skipped a half dozen fire tracks. I just realized even though I’ve talked about Geazy more than I’ve talked about my family or friends on this blog I don’t think I’ve ever had him as the loveliest artist of the day so here it is “you got me” by young Gerald only because I get to shriek “bish you got me fucked up” whilst shaking my head. Which completely describes my life at this point in time. 

School ended an hour or so early today because preparations need to be made for open day tomorrow, I’m skipping it because after 5 years of touring people who don’t even want to come to the school it gets monotonous and all I would’ve done was sit on an erg for a couple of hours sweating my ass off in front of prospective parents. Anyway everyone basically decided today was a half day so no work was done. Me and neb sat in biology wondering just how rich I can get off a job. Now using approximate probably bullshit estimates that aren’t very good I stand to make a sizable chunk of money at my job before we finish school, like pretty big bucks, a few thousand in the year or so I have before I leave school, what’s really cool about this is that it literally gives me so many more options for university or a gap year. 

Since I don’t really need to spend money at this age I can just save it all and splurge it later on. Perhaps I join Vegas immersion for a few months or weeks, perhaps I go on a tour of the third world countries or perhaps I sit at home getting fat off expensive steak and caviar, the possibilities are endless. 

It’s great and all imagining all the incredible possibilities, we all love to do it. Problem is I think we forget that these things don’t just happen. Books like the secret have pervades the collective consciousness and we think good things will happen if we just think about and wish for them hard enough. For this all to happen I actually need to maintain this job, my grades so I don’t kill myself after high school and my general mental stability. 

I suppose this is a little pep talk to myself to remember that I need to think less about the future and do what I can now because I’ve been getting pretty lax and yeah whatever I’ll figure stuff out and hope it all goes well. Done babbling now, we done. 


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