Take Me Down

Eh I had two things I wanted to talk about today. 

One was the mystery of the bakery shop was solved today. Walking past it today, as always the light was on but this time there was a soul inside. Some grumpy old woman who told me there were no hot pies. I enquired about her happiness and she told me she had had enough of this shop. She didn’t really understand my middle class English Asian accent so after a few repeats she tells me that the other two guys that work her always slack off. One never comes in and the other just leaves every now and then. So there is the mystery solved, the workers are little bitches. 

Anyway I finally decided to go out tonight but I totally screwed up with my lies to mother. Well not really just that she kinda suspects me as a fibber but I think I placated her. It’s pretty bad lying to your parents but needs must if I’m to have a normal childhood getting pissed and crawling home. 


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