Scrambled Eggs

Sotd: selfish – imad royal

Not terribly sure what happened last night. Somehow by some miracle we managed to pack 40 something kids into 3 rooms, a hallway and a staircase. In my first time hydrating in months I had a solitary can or two or a few but whatever my head just hurt after the first few minutes, it was weird, like a really bad migraine that just wouldn’t disappear. I really should start taking notes about what drinks are kryptonite to me. 

Anyway bumting dies and has a good cry about not having a purpose and how he wants to become a green MP and scrap the nuclear weapons and introduce the 50p income tax but he’s still not too sure about that one because he hasn’t seen enough studies on it yet. 

Honestly not really sure what happened but I did a lot of walking and shouting and I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t get angry (flat life) but her mother had written a sweet little note in the flat notebook that her daughter was having a gathering for her sweet sixteenth so that justified all the screaming and calamity. 

Ehm I have quite a few things to do today with little time, energy or sleep in me. My watch says I got 2:30 of sleep last night, after finally sleeping around 4:30 after watching some cheeky vain and waking up at 7ish to exclaim “oh shit it’s sunrise” but nevertheless I’ll power through with minimal napping. Also have to try and convince the parents I got a solid 10 hours sleep last night. Oh dear, gonna be a great day. 

I may write a little more but I doubt but check out my other blog because posting a post there today which will probably be pretty long. Totally cryptic and unhelpful because I don’t think anyone here actually knows the link to my other blog so just tantalising you with no hope of it ever coming to fruition. 


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