Sotd: ex calling – 6lack. I actually heard of this song and the guy a few weeks ago on a playlist or russ mix or something but didn’t really like his songs on the first listen so I just gave him up but I think I saw him on an escalona vlog the other day and as a typical hypebeast I fell in love with it plus the beat is actually nice. 

I think I’ll start today’s post with a little hypebeasting. A hypebeast is basically someone who likes things that are seen to be cool by popular opinion and have no personal tastes and usually refers to street wear things (I have no idea why but I starting watching some mainstream streetwear and sneaker videos) anyway it’s basically anyone that reps yeezys (if they’re serious hypebeasts) NMDs or Adidas ultraboosts, zipper pants and oversized tees. Anyway since this was a boring start can I just say that the new Adidas MFG ultra boost are probably the sexiest shoe I’ve ever seen. 

I had a quick thought to myself this morning. “did I used to feel happier internally” not like internally inside my soul or that new age crap but I swear a few weeks ago my consciousness existed more in the center of my skull but for some reason it now seems to exist at the front of my cranium and it just feels weird. I feel less involved with myself. Today I was doing good, holding court and laughing hard but it just seemed to feel less complete than it used to be. 

Old me probably would’ve ended this saying I needed to find God or something in order to solve this but I reckon I just need a quick nap so yeah that’s what I’m going to do after reading more Dorian Gray (I’ve been ignoring the whole fiction genre recently but I think I’m gonna start reading the classics and build up the habit)


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