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Sotd: it’s luh – Derek luh

Eager beaver here writing a post ahead of time but I thought of it and I’ve nothing better to do in the next few minutes so I’ll just type it up lest i forget. 

We have this thing at my local supermarket where I think (never done it before) but you save up £1 from every weekly shop with stickers in a book and then by the end of the year for the Christmas shop you get an absolutely huge windfall of £50 which I dunno is huge for people that don’t have the willpower to save up that money themselves. (willpower correlates to life success, thus im already a failure).

This little snippet in my head is somehow connected to me learning how to do a handstand, still not quite sure how my mind works. I’m not sure when I decided to figure out how to do a handstand but probably a month or so ago. I put it down in my little Todoist habit thing to do an assisted wall handstand thing every day. Now I don’t do it for long, usually I just stop the first time I fall off the wall so a few seconds each day. After falling off for dozens of days yesterday I finally managed to hold an unassisted handstand for a solid few seconds, twice. I was pretty much grinning from ear to ear yesterday and thinking about it today I was pretty damn happy. I suppose that’s my £50 Christmas payout, wasted a few seconds everyday for a nice little happiness payout. 


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