Glockenspiel Dreams

Sotd: I come apart – asap rocky

I started off this morning in perhaps the most demeaning way possible. Well first I had two hours of Chinese school which is basically me doing 30 minutes with of homework in 2 hours whilst speaking to some other Asian kids. I’m now playing the glockenspiel in the middle of some kids. All the old kids have left on trips and such and I don’t have any homework to do so I’ve been relagated to the glock because some scary 8 year old girl sent me a withering look when I tried to play the piano. Now the woman who takes orchestra is fucking crazy and is teaching me all the ways one can become an impressive glock player so yeah that’s how I’m spending my saturdays. Also I need to relax my wrists otherwise I’ll get an injury and never glock again which would be a real shame for the world. 

Now I’ve probably told the whole world by now I have a pair of ultra boost and I’ve developed a whole anxiety around them. Honestly I’d say I’m pretty tempted to just stick them on a shelf and never wear them again. They’ve got one of those woven uppers and I’m terrified of ripping it more, I’m scared of ripping the mid and the sole is wearing out. The collar is kinda losing its stretchiness and honestly it’s just all anxiety. I think this is what it’s like to have a child because honestly it’s literally freaking me out even though most people think it’s the smallest thing. I’ve never really cared about shoes this much but I’d rather get cut myself than rip the upper anymore. 

Whenever I feel this way I just remind myself that in a few months I’ll have forgotten all about it. I used to have tons of anxieties and weird freak things and that’s what I used to think and now a few years later I’ve forgotten most of them. 


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