Chicken Wing Princess

sotd: falling – opia

yesterday as I climbed up the stairs to go to bed I was really happy for some reason. I’d been watching braindead for an hour or two and yeah that makes you happy, just not the weird contentment i felt. In casual they talked about how the girl felt a feeling that ‘everything was going to be ok’ and yeah I suppose that’s what it felt like, not too sure why or how but it was a real strange walk up the stairs.

Anyway I seem to still be constantly sleep deprived from last weekend even though I’m probably getting some of the best sleep of my life. At an average of 8:23 according to my watch that’s at least an hour better on average than last week but I’m still lethargic. Apparently when you sleep your brain flushes itself of toxins and I have no idea where they go but sometimes when I wake up I can almost imagine the toxin flushing getting stopped midway as I sprawl out of bed to do some pressups. I woke up this morning at 9ish, rolled around onto the other side of my body then proceeded to sleep for another hour or so as my brain got sponged open and detoxed but I dunno extra sleep after you wake up is never as good as continuous sleep, there’s a slight feeling that you’re not really doing anything. You feel like death and it just feels all sorts of wrong. I try and read for a bit after I get up but then give up, go downstairs grab my phone and lose myself on the internet for about an hour. I’m up now, going to try finish off my daily stuff pretty soon then get a few revisions and essays done before badminton tonight. I woke up thinking today wouldn’t be very productive but fuck that since when did I listen to my little shit of a consciousness.

I had a strange little dream last night that I decided to go to the party last night and yeah it just seemed really real like I had on this tshirt I actually had and yeah it was cool, maybe it’s the fermented apple vinegar making me see shit at night 


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