Utah Salt Mountain

sotd: midnight memories – 1direction

The only word that can characterise today is salt. Salty salty salt, more salt than in a salted herring on a piece of salted bread with a gallon of salt chucked on for good salty measure. s/o to onion bhaji for being my partner in salt.

It seems that when you’re salty procrastination is a 10, it’s been half an hour since I decided to start editing my essay and I’ve yet to look over it again. I had some interview for helping out at a blind school as well today and literally I couldn’t even string together sentences. Last week I literally churned out a couple of essays and my last interview I literally killed but for some reason the salt flowing through my veins seems to limit my creative genius.

Don’t have much to say today but I think I’ve been getting lax these past few days, need a good kick up the arse to start working properly again. Haven’t killed myself doing pressups nearly as much as I should be and I’m not doing as much work as I’d like to. Better kick my ass into gear.

We done. Hopefully I’ll be sufficiently less salty tomorrow and be ready to bang out a right proper good blog post.

Also I didn’t fast today so that might be it. It’s weird I felt a weird burning in my stomach today at lunch time ish which is weird because I used to get that when I didn’t eat – not when I did eat.

Hope I don’t fail my essay this time lol.


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