Daze and Nights

Sotd: stand by me – Ben king

I think they said it was therepeutic to sit on a train, to watch the scenery run past and listen to the clickety clack of the wheels. I wouldn’t know home early because for some reason they have backwards facing chairs (and yes I do earlier they need to have some backwards chairs otherwise all chairs are backward chairs).. I don’t think I’ve seen a single soul just sitting around watching the countryside, little strange this seems like the perfect place to just reflect and I dunno as my dad puts it “go into a retarded daze”.

It’s quite odd really, odd isn’t the way to put it but it’s just kinda sad that we all find our things to be absorbed into and don’t take a moment to talk to ourselves. I think it really is quite important that we take some time just to go mad with ourselves because too often we neglect that little soul we have inside ourselves. This post doesn’t really serve anything but to remind myself to stop distracting myself and just sit and think for a bit. 


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