Scarlet Letter

sotd: 3005 – childish gambino

I am a little concerned today. Having taken 3 days out of my usual programming I seem to be getting back into it quite slowly but whatever it’ll fix itself with time.

I seem to have lost my rather fetching burgundy t-shirt as well as my reddish jumper which is really sad because I really liked the two of them and now they’ve just left my life. I hope I didn’t lose them together because that means I would’ve been wearing double red which is almost as bad as double denim if I’m honest.

I’ve probably mentioned that I’m now a writer on another blog and I should really stop mentioning it if I’m not going to link it but I have nothing else to write about currently so this will have to do. I quite like having a “secret blog” but to be fair if anyone cares enough it’ll probably take a couple of minutes but they could find it. I like being able to talk about what I like, on this I just like leaving out some details, putting in everything just seems a little scary even if its just some netizens and the fact that people I know read this terrifies me even more.

Finishing up here because I want to watch some tv before I pass out from sleep deprivation.


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