sotd: lion king – lil dicky. I was trying to think something up but couldn’s so I just stuck whatever’s on the front page of my youtube and yeah actually it’s pretty damn fine.

The title of this post is meant to be read pec-cellant, like excellent but about your pectoral muscles, I thought of it an hour or so ago and spent a good ten minutes thinking about how I could phrase it in a funny way for the blog.

Again I have an idea for a blog post that seemed real long in my head but now I think about it will take up a few dozen words and probably interest no one because it just looks like I’m flexing (which I am).

Long time readers might remember that around this time last year I was doing 200 pressups a day. I can’t actually remember why I started doing it, I think I saw one of those “200 pressups a day for 2 weeks transformation” videos though interestingly enough I’m pretty sure I’ve never managed to watch one of those videos so yeah I decided to do all that off of a thumbnail. Actually I think I had one of those pressup apps that did a progression. Actually yeah I do remember that, it had little counters and I think I was doing sets of 15 or so each time. Anyway after a period of time I was just doing sets of 20 whenever I wanted, everyday. Everything I’ve ever learnt about working out says that you shouldn’t tire yourself out and do it everyday but whatever who knows, by the end of the time period (not actually sure how long I did it for, I deleted habitbull, I think a few months at least) I had actual chesticles. Anyway I stopped doing them properly a few months ago but I still maintained most of the strength and humble brag would say I had a better bench than you would expect a nerdy teenage asian kid to have.

Anyway I tried benching today, and I could barely do 60*5 which is terrifying because I think I used to comfortably do 10 reps with a max of 80 something so yeah really need to work on that again or else I’ll deflate and be left with air sacs on my chest. Also real gnarly I have these things that look like scratch marks on my left pec and it looks like I’ve been fighting a bear but in all honesty I think they might be stretch marks because it’s been like a month I’ve had them now.

 Yeah just checked, I have bloody stretch marks as a 16 year old male


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