Keep it Moving

sotd: unsteady – x ambassadors. I don’t think I’ve actually heard this song in the original version, just some shitty lakechild remix I accidentally downloaded but if it’s good enough to be plastered over the front of my friend’s homework diary it’s good enough to get a blog feature.

95% sure I’ve used this title before but whatever I’m pretty sure I repeat tonnes of words between each blog post so why can’t I repeat titles? Are you suggesting there’s a delineation about what I can have as content and as a title? Are you… *breaks off into spasms of trigger*

Ever since all my earphones broke in a fiery mess of me sitting on them and rolling around with them in my sleep I’ve had to resort to using proper over ear monitors if I’m to listen to music with both ears and god damn music sounds better through a pair of cans than through tinny little earphones. I seriously thought about wearing them around and about then realised I’d rather not get bullied so decided against it so now I’m going to have to go deaf in one ear because only one side of my earphones work.

I had a little thought today, I was selling my kidneys in the store (still dancing around the subject of what I actually do) anyway I worked a solid 10 hours today and damn I really liked it actually. Usually, I’m pretty loathe to revise or work for even an hour at a time but I felt pretty damn exhilarated for the whole time and just had a great time. After I’d finished I didn’t really want to relax, I wanted to work, get everything done and just be productive. I was watching an elliot hulse video today, for those of you who don’t know about yo elliot he’s this huge monster of a man but seems like the most spiritual thing. I don’t really know how to explain him but whenever I think of him I think of his strange leather sandals he somehow pulls off because he looks like a boulder and him doing strange neck stretches where he pulls his head using the opposing arm – ye I’ve probably lost all of you but that’s just how strange the image I get when I think of the guy.

Anyway he’s doing a little talk about depression and how he got into a rut after a holiday. Basically he was saying don’t lose your bloody habits because it’ll kill you and they’re worth more than anything, so once again I’m giving myself a kick up the arse to get at it again.



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