Catching Frostbite 

Sotd: whole lotta lovin – dj mustard

Day two of Ireland and genuinely in love with the place. It’s like Scotland but using the euro and with less clinically obese people which can only be a plus. Plus its perfect if I ever decide to drop out of life and become a guinness drinking gambler because bars and betting shops are around every corner. 

We went on some boring ass walking tour. I describe it as boring ass because that’s what one thinks about when they hear the words “walking tour” but this was anything but. Our guide to this mysterious yet entrancing city (used that in a Chinese essay recently) was this slightly rotund balding man. Not scary rotund older balding man with the greasy hair things and pretending he’s not rotund but like a Mario Batali round man who’s just happy with who he is and that’s incredible. It’s just really cool watching someone who really likes what he does talk about it. If I could have like a fifth of his passion for what he’s selling I would be making a bloody killing. 

Anyway he told us tonnes of cool shit. Like Oscar wilde (my new fave author after Dorian Gray) was the only person in the history of Trinity University to score full marks in the entrance exam and just some random historical crap that I could give two shits about now but when he said it I was entranced. 

I’m off to go and try revise now for a bit because the whole university thing reminds me I need to start getting on it so I’ll take a few minutes to try and learn something. 


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