Falling 4 Ya

Sotd: not sure yet, there was this absolute banger on the sound system at the Korean place we had lunch at and I’m going to try find it when I get WiFi again. Maybe I’ll remember to update this bit, probably not. 

Last day in Ireland, don’t really have much to say, haven’t really done anything today, walked around a big ass park that I thought was going to be real cool but it was just kinda boring and met some people that I kinda knew and talked politics which bores me to no end. I harbour this personal opinion that people shouldn’t be allowed to talk (or vote) about things they don’t know or care about so I just shut up and nodded a lot. 

Kinda scared for going back to Edinburgh. I have a shit ton of work that’s needs to be done especially since I’ve missed like a week out of the last 10 days because of trips and such, plus my online course thing isn’t working so I’m fucked for that cause I’ll need to do 4 weeks at once. Plus urgh exams and whatever that are kinda scaring me but not really. 

Red beard has this funny saying where he says that you should care the most but also care the least. I think what he means is work the hardest for something but if it all falls through not to give a single fuck and just keep swimming. I like his idea, there’s no point getting in a huff and just failing everything else you do if one thing doesn’t go right but also you should work as hard as you can for something to ensure it’s unlikely to go wrong. Not a bad philosophy for life. 


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