Sleep on it

sotd: stay lost- joe hertz. Found this on a youtube mix for castles by elias abid (probably my favey song right now) well actually it wasn’t a youtube mix because youtube mixes suck because they try and shuffle in songs they think you love. Youtube is convinced that I like this rubbish that I hate and really I don’t want to hear russ in the middle of some soul jam sesh thing so I gave up on that. Plus they used to put in epic rap battles in every now and then because that counts as a legit song. So actually I found it on autoplay which is way better and on topic.

I was going to blog earlier today on the bus back from my haircut but was rudely interrupted by mother. Na joking it was a lovely surprise to see her on the bus today, she quizzed me a stupid amount for what I was doing in town. She seemed awfully suspicious that it took me a whole hour to get a haircut and just quizzed me a lot.

I had this dream recently where dad found out about the blog, well I think someone told him and he was asking me about it – I don’t think he quite wanted to believe I was writing a blog. I don’t remember much apart from saying “of course I don’t write a blog, how weird would you have to be to write a daily blog” then made a coy smile backwards to any onlookers and continued on trying to convince my dad I didn’t run a blog. I managed tob coyly smile at myself in a dream, I’ve reached new heights of dickishness.

I was killing the game today. Sat down in front of the computer and just started smashing out physics calculations. Sure I messed up a pretty few and a few just stumped me. Why do we need bloody particle accelerators? (apparently they help seal crisp packets so that’s a plus) but I was in the flow.

Problem is when you’re in a flow you have to stop sometime, then it all just kind of resets. All your good work just crumbles in the face of a few minutes rest and it’s hard to get that work ethic back again. I told myself I’d take a 10 minute hiatus for vainglory but in all honesty I probably lost half an hour of work afterwards when I tried to get back into the zone. Perhaps it really is a matter of just cutting off all distractions that take me out of it. But is the happiness of doing good work really equated to the fun I can have in my breaks? Problem for another day, these sums won’t solve themselves (I wish).


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