Miswritten Lyrics

Sotd: irobot – Jon bellion

I slept on this song for a good while, somewhere along the line after I’d pirated all the Jon bellion songs that didn’t look like they were viruses I decided that irobot was the bad song in the album, there’s always a really bad song that just lets down the rest of the album and I thought this was it. Everytime I see the title come up on my pebble I just press skip because I didn’t think it was worth it. 

The other day I forgot to wear my pebble out and was therefore forced to actually listen to my music without being able to skip it. Not going to lie I found a bunch of songs I was sleeping on. I would walk a few meters, check to see I wasn’t on data and streaming new music but that it was my offline library and damn there were some real gems in there. 

So there’s the post today, don’t let your old ass prejudices that don’t really have a base anywhere dictate what you listen to because some tracks are actually pretty good. 

Apart from that bloody dog blood remix of wild for the night by asap rocky. I used to like the original, really did. It fit the frame of Asian kid liking weak ass rap (low key diss at asap there) without being too violent. When I got my new music app I just downloaded a lot of asap without really looking. Turns out I downloaded this dog blood remix. 

My music app was this Asian one and let’s be honest Asian knock offs are rubbish but this one got me free music for a bit so I didn’t totally mind. Then it hit me. It would just randomly duplicate some songs, so the dog blood remix was duplicated 20 times. At the time I had a few hundred in my library and with the aidsy shuffle mechanism (there’s some insidious algorithm that dictates shuffle on this app) every few songs was this trash song that almost made me throw away my phone for the fear of listening to that aural torture one more time. 


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