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I doubt this will be a very popular post. I’d say as a population bloggers are pretty opinionated people and this is all about the problems of opinionation. 

Perhaps that not really the right way of phrasing what this is about, I think it’s about not making decisions or making judgements without having all the information. 

You get all these controversial topics like abortion and other ethical things that don’t really spring to mind right now but perfectly encapsulate my argument and everyone seems to have an opinion they’ve formed. Actually I have no idea what I’m writing but I’ll start what I actually want to write about here. 

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and I see a repost by someone who I can only describe as the most liberal man I’ve ever met. The title was something like “here are the faces of the 12 MPs that denied thousands of helpless syrians entry to our country” now I was honestly pretty disgusted by this post. 

Sure it’s a lovely emotive little thing that gets a lot of likes but really what is the point of it? If I see this MP what do I do? Do I attack them out of rage for my Syrian brothers, surely these people deserve it – heinous and evil as they are? 

But they aren’t bad people. Increasingly I feel as if there aren’t really that many evil people, just people that have justified doing horrible things, but that doesn’t even apply to our MPs, they’re the voice of the people, they’ve weighted up the pros and cons for their constituents and voted off that. 

I reckon he should get off his high horse, realize that votes are for a reason, not just a formality for everyone to vote in the same liberal agenda but Democratic and people don’t make choices because they’re evil, they make choices because they believe they’re right. 


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