Living Fast and Slow

Sotd: promises – kid ink. It’s just the song that was playing at the time and that’s just what the post will be, whatever’s playing in my mind right now (cringe amiright)

I’ll just preface this post by saying I’m perfectly happy with my body as it is, sure I’m a little shorter than I want to be and my feet are way too short and stubby and look funny in sneakers but I quite like the meat device that my brain pilots (even the stretch marks which if I’m honest just look gnarly as shit). I thought I’d say that because I don’t want bloody bulimia warnings or the eating disorder police coming to find me.

For a while I’ve been trying out intermittent fasting. In all honesty it’s just skipping breakfast and eating everything within 8 hours, so just not eating till lunch time. I’ve been pretty sporadic on it because it’s pretty hard hiding that I’ve not had breakfast from my parents. I had a funny little thought as I ate breakfast today (yoghurt and granola kill me) that I should just throw it all up later to preserve the IF but then I realised I would honestly have a problem then.

I start off a fasting day with a cup of hot water with a bit of honey and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is an appetite suppressant and just has a bunch of benefits and honey just makes it taste good – it’s technically calories but anything under 50ish doesn’t really count. The idea is your body in its hunger taps into your fat stores for energy and you burn cleanly for a few hours losing fat and not really being hungry. The first few weeks of doing it was pretty brutal but I don’t really feel hungry before lunch nowadays. I fasted yesterday and had chips and a muffin for lunch (not the healthiest but whatever I’m young and reckless like that) then got home, messed around and had dinner without hunger pangs. Not something you’d associate with fasting.

Today I didn’t fast and ate the world. I had breakfast, an apple and crisps at break, curry chips and a steak bake at lunch with a fried chicken sandwich for an entree. Got home had another fried chicken sandwich and a peanut butter toast thing which was great.

Notice a difference? I don’t count calories but that’s a shitload more when I’m NOT fasting. I think it’s something to do with glucose spiking when you’re eating regularly and everytime that falls you feel hungry and want to eat. In a fasted state you’re just on a nice little clean burner that hums nicely along until you decide to break your fast.

I think IF is the way forward for me, all I have to do now is figure out a way to fake having breakfast.


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