Running in Brogues

Sotd: hopeless – khalid

As I lay tossing and turning this morning in bed I wondered to myself “do I need this job”.before last night my average sleep for the week was 7:30 and quite honestly I was ready to hibernate for a full day. Problem was I had a 9 hour shift at work today. Basically I wouldn’t have time to revise or do any homework this saturday, or any other Saturday for the foreseeable future. I was pretty damn incentivised to quit this morning. 

Then I turned up. I’ve been reading up on flow States which are about getting into a great state of mind when you’re focussing on a goal and goddamn it was fun today. I just beamed and everything just kind of worked right. I’m fine sacrificing 9 hours of my week for this – it generates money and just a sense of contentment. I’d been feeling a little off this week but after this I’m just back on it again. 

There’s a redbeard video when he talks about people complaining that they spend an hour or two a day practising game every day but then he puts it in perspective. the insight you develop, the skills and confidence are the difference between a meaningful life and a shit one and that what I feel I’m doing with these 9 hours. It’s a small investment based on what I stand to gain. 

One of my colleagues asked me why I took up a job at 16 and I said because no one else was doing it. It sets you apart and for the smallest investment in my part I stand to gain so much. 

Finishing here to do the homework I’ve missed out on for all of today and readying myself for all the stress to come tonight. 


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