Sotd: drive – oh wonder

I am loathe to write a good post on WordPress right now because then I’ll be out of bang-up well good posts for my other blog thing.

Because I’m busy next week I have to work an extra half shift today. I’m currently on 12 hours of working this weekend – I spent a bloody quarter of my time away from home. I’m not really that mad because it’s enjoyable but it’s quite long when you think about it. 

I just got finished with what is probably the strangest encounter I’ve had yet working in retail. Some old guy walks in the with the most smokers breath I’ve ever experienced. He’s asking whether or not we can solve his problem, of course we can help him I say. He then asks us whether or not we have a tablet. We don’t sell tablets. I’m convinced this man is going to be scary angry at me. he talks about how he’s been here before and usually the service is great. 

I tell him the supermarket beside us probably has it so I walk him out to the supermarket, go in with him and try and find this tablet. Bear in mind I just decided to walk out of my store with some old man I met a few minutes ago. 

Long story short we go on some long adventure and don’t find it. He’s buying it for a spanish lady friend who doesn’t seem to actually speak English properly, then turns out he has two Spanish lady friends and I don’t even know. 

Finishing here to eat and try and think of ideas for the post I’ll have to write later. 


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