Salmon Blinis

Sotd: ungrateful eyes – jon bellion. Now I’ve probably done this one before but I just thought it was funny that I could say that he was my favourite artist with the initials JB but lets be honest justin bieber is pretty damn good, sure no one likes him but it’s pretty hard growing up the way he did and the man is seriously talented. Plus jon was on the radio in LA yesterday according to Justin Escalona’s snap so big up.

In my bid to kill myself through lumping on more and more work. Mum this morning decides to tell me that eons ago I signed up to go to some medical lecture after school. I’ve been to one of these before and honestly I’d rather plunge burning swords into my side for an hour and a half than go to one of these but you know what the topic of bioinformatics actually seems kind of interesting so I decide to go. (my friends went to one last week for two hours on the topic of “why medicine is needed in society” you can imagine why I skipped it) Let’s be honest some of it was pretty interesting like the ethics and just the practicality of doing huge studies but it turns out “inaugural lectures” is just a code-speak for middle aged white people compiling their lifes work in a meaningful way before they get politely clapped at by their family and friends before leaving to eat some disgusting blinis (the melba toast was bloody soggy – what kind of institution was this?!) and drinking cheap wine and making polite conversation.

Anyway I have to try not to fall asleep now and attempt to do the work I’m not even sure I’m meant to be doing.


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