Malaysian Jerky

Sotd: growing up – macklemore Ed sheeran. Surprised this song isn’t more well known, two artists that have been well received by the general public and a song about a non contreversial cutesy topic but whatever if I could predict what kinds of songs blew up I wouldn’t be a Asian kid struck at school trying to scrape together a few cents for lunch. 

I decided to skip games today in favour of an hour or two more time to revise and just sort things out plus none of my friends were in today and let’s be honest I don’t do badminton for the joy of slamming cocks but because it’s just a good chat. 

I don’t have much to write about today but just to say I have really no idea how my sleep cycle works. After spending months of sleeping listening to the radio I was going to bed at 10ish then sleeping till 7:30. My watch recorded my actual sleep as 8ish hours so I was only sleeping about half this time.  Now I’ll work I til about 10ish, fix stuff up for the next day then get to bed around 10:15 ish then read a chapter or so before going to bed at 10:30 ish before walking up at 7 but I’m getting the same amount of sleep. Who knows, maybe I just fall to sleep instantly after the read or whatever honestly I don’t care I just needed something to blog about. May add more – unlikely whatever. 

Weird I thought I’d actually write something else. 

Now on the bus home I see a guy that keeps on cropping up. Bruce my old piano teacher, my second one actually after my first one ran off to Belfast or something. I think I started at 5 with her and the only thing I remember is she used to have a lot of tuna pasta. I remember a bit more with bruce. He lived with his parents and was 40 or 50. He taught piano in a little shed thing at the bottom of the garden in the winter and had a little gas heater in the winter. He was a lovely guy but honestly a bit of a pushover and I didn’t learn much with him, I can’t quite remember why but I left him when I was 8 or so. I think it was because I literally learnt nothing. 

I see him every now and then because he lives pretty close to me and gets my bus every now and then and after 10 or so years be doesn’t seem to recognize me, I had a little emotional moment when I thought about how I’d changed so much in decade and it was real emotional for a few seconds before I realised I did have a little testosterone in my body and stopped these thoughts. 


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