Mine Own Thoughts

Sotd:  rise – ollie. I’m not terribly keen on this song as a whole hut there’s a bit thats quite nice so because I’m desperate it can get a mention. 

According to my ever accurate watch I got 5:45 hours sleep last night. Not exactly optimal. I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 6, not quite sure how the maths works – it’s probably broken but then again I feel pretty dead. 

Not sure what to talk about today, not much happened today but I feel less clear, like I’m experiencing everything through a sheet of clingfilm or eating a sandwich through a Ziploc bag. 

I’m still doing everything I used to do it just feels less all encompassing, like I’m only 50% involved in everything I’m doing in the day. It’s either the tiredness or the excessive carbo loading I’ve been doing recently (for no reason in particular except need to get back on IF).

When I got this job mum told me she’d make me quit if it started affecting my schoolwork – it hasn’t but it’s an interesting idea. Working so hard at something that it affects everything else in your life. 

I don’t really have any examples of it apart from volunteering, I always end up being late because I try to squeeze in a little extra violin before I go to volunteer but let’s be honest violin is hardly an all encompassing part of my life. 

This is just getting messy but I we were talking about books we were reading and I tried to recount what id read in the 50 or so pages I’ve done on the newest book and honestly I don’t remember much, just him telling me to brush my teeth with my left hand to build up neuroplasticity. I think I might have to start doing like little book review blog posts but who knows, I’ll probably try it out someday but right now it’s just a nice way to relax and decompress at the end of the day. 


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