Finger Masseuse

sotd: human (acoustic) – jon bellion. Rediscovering young bellion today because he’s a total genius. I don’t listen too much russ anymore, I think I reached a saturation point (like with g-eazy) I mean I still love his music when it comes out but it’s not something I’m explicitly searching for through my music library. Btw Russ probably has the coolest instagram videos I’ve ever seen.

My awe-inspiring post for today is about computers/laptops. Now I actually have a little money in my life I’ve been thinking about what to spend it on. One idea is to fund my summer holiday after high school where I’m going to drive around europe seeing the sights (though lets be honest I’ll probably go to france for a week and be done with it).

The other thing is I want a new laptop. I’m not actually quite sure why, my lenovo yoga I have now is actually pretty good, I know it’s only an i3 but honestly I only use my laptop to write and I dunno research stuff and revise, hardly processor intense things. I wanted a macbook pro for a while because justin has that and apparently it’s great for that. But then again I don’t really like macos, the fact the new one only has type c ports and can’t really do much apart from edit, frail as shit plus cost an arm and a leg. There are a few good points, I actually quite like macos dunno why I said I didn’t, it’s simple and I can’t really be bothered fucking around with my laptop.

But then there’s the sexy ass dell xps 13 that actually makes me want to get into debt right now and buy it. The thing is honestly the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. We had a customer come to pick up a dell xps 13 the other day and I could hear it singing to me through the box as I carried it over to him and was pretty tempted to buy myself one.

When I do end up getting enough money to buy a laptop that’s decent I’ll probably have forgotten about it. I had a shitload of things that I’ve always wanted to buy but now I have the means I can’t actually remember it – it hopefully wasn’t that important.


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