Postulating Dreams

sotd: lonely – post malone and jaden smith. Not my favourite post song but it has jaden smith in it who has the hottest girlfriend ever so he can get a shoutout on this prestigious blog.

I honestly don’t know what’s happened to me but I think I’ve ruined my back/front. When I’m sitting down, or lying down actually. The center of my front just feels broken and urgh it’s horrible. I’ll try and solve it somehow, apparently it’s from not having a good enough back and shoulders to support my upper half but honestly that was from a simple skim of GQ.

There’s an actual post today about digging wells. I think the quote is from Tai Lopez – god I haven’t watched a video of his in years ever since he decided to start trying to be viral. It goes:

“dig a well before you need it”

And it’s something I like to live by, or rather it’s something I inadvertently started doing.

I just started preparing for things a long time before I needed to. I’d start revising for tests weeks out instead of cramming a few days before, start essays in the holidays and just read through the course before we learnt it in class. It’s pretty damn useful and works a lot. I would say I have a pretty busy weekend and don’t necessarily have a lot of free time during the week especially now I’m working all saturday and it just means that I can do just as well with less stress during the week and I really like it. Finishing here because I’ve been procrastinating all day and need to actually do some work now.


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