Running Wild

sotd: icarus – jeremy zucker

Starting out at 6:48 was never the smartest thing to do for a blog post. But I started the day at 6 and I’ve only just settled down with ma cup of fasting fuel (honey and ACV) and I just wanted to write something down before I totally forgot it.

It’s freezing as balls. Like baltic cold, or “boltic” as some girl put on her snapchat. I thought it was hilariously funny that someone was trying to use a word they wouldn’t normally use and try and spell it phonetically (mind you I almost misspelt that word). I don’t remember where I read it, maybe it was an angry facebook post where this black guy’s teacher wrote on his paper “this isn’t a word for your people” or something alluding to the fact that blacks aren’t allowed to use big words and I dunno I thought it was a beautiful portrayal of the remnants of segregation.(trying to be political, honestly I just thought it was pretty funny)

They put the clocks back an hour last week and whilst I still don’t know how it works (I think I wake up earlier now and go to bed earlier?) still not too sure but that still doesn’t account for the fact I feel like I’m going to lock up one day and lose all function in my lower back as the cold weather mercilessly decides to paralyze me until next spring where I hatch but am so horribly deformed that I need a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I bet ireland would have better weather than this.




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