Dogs Not Felines

Sotd: wake up – gnash

I’m not quite sure what to write about today. One thing I want to bring up to myself is my inability to aptly title I came up with this horrendous idea months ago to write my posts with the title as inspiration. that probably works for most people but when you decide to call your post “dogs not felines” there’s not much you can actually write about since I couldn’t give less of a thought to the idea of either because they’re both lovely. It’s quite nice writing these posts done and having them to remember, like how I thought it’d be good to write title first and also to see how my ideas change. Ie that’s its a stupid idea to write the title first. 

Also if I ever want to find a nice train of thought I had or something I could easily find the post but now I have to trudge through mounds of trash to find what I want. or I could also do it through hashtags but whatever. 

A point that comes from all this is that I don’t really take this blogging thing seriously. Sure I write a blog post a day but honestly at this point it’s less of an inconvenience than brushing my teeth with my left hand (something I’ve been trying recently that is honestly a terrible struggle). This book I’m reading says double down on creative ventures you’re doing and honestly I should try and work better with this blog, network and boost my readership. Perhaps figure out SEO and now I’ve got a bit of money perhaps go premium but who knows. Perhaps I’m being lazy, or perhaps this is just my little diary that happens to be online and I’ll leave it at that. 


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