Built on Back

Sotd: stay – rihanna

There’s no such thing as staying in the same position. There’s only improving or declining. As you age you’re to maintain the same level of fitness, either you improve or you decline. 

The same thing I think is happening to me right now. I’m trying to just maintain my weekly and daily habits but because I’m focussed on maintaining them instead of improving them I’m invariably declining. I shouldn’t be going through it from a point of prevention but rather through promotion. 

When I try a maintain my practises it’s easy to accidentally drop and not realize it because everything else is fine but over time the little kinks to the armour build up until you’re left with the emporers new clothes. 

Having had a reasonable amount of success lately id stopped trying to improve and thus started stagnating. So this I suppose is a little heads up to myself, the only way to get better is to do more. 


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