Not Trying Hard

Sotd: bonfire – childish gambino

My prophetic English teacher decided to give everyone in my class a one day amnesty from school by signing us all up for some Hamlet livestream. 4 hours of watching the royal Shakespeare company portray Hamlet as some north Africa warlord. Don’t get me wrong I loved it as a play, being like the only one I’ve ever watched it was pretty damn good. 

This finished, then I did 40 minutes of Mandarin before returning for my actual English lesson where we just chatted whilst she tried to wrest some semblence of control back over the class to almost no avail. It was going pretty well in terms of her almost angriness till a girl at my table smacks a soy sauce packet causing it to explode all over the table and didn’t bother cleaning it up, that ticked off our teacher a little. 

Anyway back to the title. It seems these days we value not working a lot for the same profit more than actually working for something. Oh yeah forgot to mention this is another one of those self-righteous Asian tell you how to live your life. Maybe I have phrased this wrong, what I think I mean is our obsession with these sexy secrets in how to do well in life. The working four hours a week to live an incredible life, 4 minute abs and fat burner pills. I don’t think there are that many quick fixes in life, otherwise we’d know them all and they’d seem slow and we’d be looking for new ones. 

Finishing here because incomplete thought, lazy and tired. 


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