Hennessy Dreams

Sotd: whole lotta lovin – dj mustard

I’ve listened to enough white rap to know that this drink they call henny is some sort of brown malt aphrodisiac that seems to rhyme with anything that needs to be rhymed with. It’s like that vox video on why everyone talks about grey poupon in their music videos but henny is the preserve of white rappers. 

Low key tempted to get tickets to Jon bellion playing in Scotland next February which would be damn cool but honestly I don’t know half his songs and I’d probably awkwardly swing around whilst everyone else chanted the words to all his songs cause they’re die hard fans whilst all I’ve done is dabble a little in Bellion. 

I had a bloody excellent blog post prepared but I’ve only just gone and forgotten everything I wanted to write about. Let’s talk about this keyboard I’m writing on. I’m still using my phone for this because it makes bus journeys a little more entertaining that watching the same route every day. I’d say I use my phone for most things, unlike lil dicky who confesses he doesn’t jerk off mobily (sorry I dunno why I felt compelled to include that).anyway I downloaded this keyboard called fleksy years ago because honestly it was free and seemed somewhat comparable to another keyboard I wanted at the time that wasn’t free so as a cheapass I got this one. It’s pretty damn good takes up half the space of a normal keyboard and is generally pretty good. Apart from the autocorrect. Because I use everything from the queen’s old English to bastardised online English my personal dictionary is a sham and autocorrect has started changing normal words into these horribly twisted caricatures like comparable git changed into chomp ant which irks me to no end. (as a testament to my annoyance, irk isn’t autocorrected)


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