Naked Iron

Sotd: shia lebouef on five fingers of doom. Now I’m totally not hypebeasting with this one. I have actually watched them before with Jon bellion and russ but they just rapped their own tracks to old school beats so it doesn’t really count. 

I think it’s really cool people freestyling because I physically cannot do it, my mind can barely string together two coherent sentences let alone a rhyming battle rap

We did just a minute last week in English, just a minute is that game that was on Radio 4 for ages and played a lot at debating and I could barely do a minute without stumbling over myself and going from talking about some guy in Hamlet to why the world needs to change its perspective on nuclear rights. (I didn’t actually dissolve into a conversation about nuclear rights because frankly I don’t believe that nuclear weapons have rights).

Let’s talk about talking today. I was never much good at it. I still am not the most incredible at the talking thing but I’d say I’ve gotten better since I was a kid. 

When I joined my school at the ripe old age of 11 or so I joined debating club because honestly it was the crème de la crème of pretentious clubs to join when you joined the school. The second week in they announced the public speaking competition which was basically you got up and chatted on a subject for a minute or two. I can’t actually remember what I originally intended to do but I wrote a story about how I sliced my finger open on this fake Chinese Swiss army knife that had a little lighter on it. It was something about me running down the stairs screaming whilst my friend called me or something of the like. 

Actually I flipped the whole story so it was my friend who cut his hand and not me because I didn’t want my teachers knowing I had a knife. 

I think I blacked out during my speech because I don’t remember giving it but by the end I was pretty relieved and for some reason was given a prize for most entertaining speech. 

Anyway we were meant to give these speeches in assembly a few weeks afterwards and honestly I just stammered and spluttered and honestly I think I’ve blocked off the memory because if I remembered it fully I would literally be a crippled man. 

That speech was probably one of the most anxious moments of my life and honestly I’d forgotten all about it until I started writing this. It’s funny how scary it was back then and how unimportant it seems now. 


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