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Sotd: stand by me – ben king

Doing this in the 5 minutes before badminton starts. Actually it’s already started but I can’t be bothered doing cardio so guess who’s turning up late. 

I’ve heard this saying “cut your nose off despite your face” a lot and honestly I have no idea what it means. So I’ll check that out when I get home. 

I was listening to another red beard talk today and it was one of the golden oldies about being happy and just being fulfilled. He talks literally as outing every word that comes out of your mouth and enjoying your every moment and honestly I feel like that’s something I’ve been losing recently. I still do my laugh randomly and smile sporadically but it seems less genuine than it used to be, a shadow of its former self. I suppose all these things go in cycles and I’ll go through periods of supreme hot to a sort of dulled entertainment and go through that circle. 

One thing I want to talk about is this Tim Ferris podcast where they talk about strength and things. The guy who seems like a genius says that there is no point of IF and honestly I don’t know what to think of it. It’s hard to tell whether or not I’m getting better doing it. In some respects I’m better and in some I’m worse and its hard to compare. Also he said to chew more slowly which is somrthing my parents have been saying for years but I just never believed. Need to work on my eating technique because legit I’m quite bad at it. 

Ending this very random and sporadic post now, perhaps I’ll take more time with this tomorrow. 


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