Wings on Fire

Sotd: no faith in Brooklyn – hoodie allen. An oldie, I was obsessed with hoodie during the summer but now idk seems a little meh, he’s kinda just vanilla. 

I went to some maths competition today that was a chuffing great time. After two kids in my year decided not to go they dramatically scrambled for two other mathematicians and made the grave mistake to choose me and this other plebian in my year. I’m not terrible at maths, I just don’t have a very flexible brain, I’m good at learning rote. 

Anyway we go and its expected to just be a laugh because honestly we’re not going to do amazing. The first two bites are pretty fun, some maths crossword which was pretty fun and something else. Then we had this set of problems that just ruined us and yeah. We ended up placing 11th of 26 or so which is okay actually but it’s worrying that half the people managed to do worse than us. 

We got chocolate bars after finishing. I’m walking to the bus stop and some woman’s sitting on the street corner, for some reason I heed her beckoning and approach. She asks for money, I say I have none but offer a chocolate bar. She takes it then as I ready to leave she gestures me in. Then asks me if I have any more money. I’m not terribly angry at her not deciding to comply to social norms and thanking me but it was just kinda sad to see people that couldn’t even take the time to thank someone else. 

I can’t remember who says it, probably one of those cheesy citizenship lessons but taking time to thank people properly is benefitting yourself more than them. Attitude of gratitude and all that shit. 

Or I’m just being salty for not getting a thank you and am trying to roast some poor woman on the street because I can’t take the slightest rejection. 


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