Double Double

Sotd: I  love it when you cry – moxie (steve aoki remix)

I have this thing where I get really annoyed when my parents tell me to do things I already intended to do. If mum even mentions the idea of homework that needs to be done I’ll snap, or if she even hints at the idea of me doing homework I freak. It’s not like I’m not intending to do it and she’s calling me out on it. Usually I take that just fine but it’s different for this. I think because it’s usually unpleasant things like doing homework or going to bed or playing violin or something but I like to think that’s it’s my own choice to do these painful things because I know I need to do them. As soon as someone else verbalises it, I think it disappears out of my own control and I don’t like that. 

There’s this long running trope about me not going to parties. I just can’t muster up the effort and the wasted day or two (because lack of sleep, needing to stay over somewhere else, having to do all my homework on sunday) and yeah people have cottoned on so I just get kicked out of the groups. I would’ve probably left myself but the mere act of someone else doing it ticks me off to no end. Same outcome but one is just infinitely more annoying. 

So that’s today’s post, my strange quirk I suppose. 


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