Cutting Off My Nose

Sotd: opportunity cost – geazy

A few days ago I wrote down some quote that I couldnt remember either the origin or the meaning of. “cut your nose off despite your face” 

Honestly I still don’t know the actual meaning but I have a post to write about that mentions the word “despite” so I thought I’d hit two birds with the one stone so here it us. 

I think I’ll start it off with an example because honestly I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say.  I used to revise a lot whilst listening to music. It would keep me motivated and away from boredum and I quite liked it. I did this for two or so years and I’d say I did alright in tests – not incredibly for a lot of time out in. 

Then one day I learnt about binaural beats that are meant to synchronise your brain waves to studying patterns or some rubbish like that, basically it’s a low hum. I discovered this worked a lot better and I learnt better in less time. Now I’ve realised that sometimes revising without music is better sometimes. 

So what I’m trying to say is I did pretty good at exams not because I listened to music but despite the fact I was listening to music and when it was gone I ended up doing better. 

The problem with something like this is that we have the behaviour or thing because it helped at first and now we’re afraid to perform without it. 

I listened to music because it allowed me to revise for longer but as I built up the practise it no longer served much more than a distraction. 

I think that’s what I wanted to type up, to remind myself that somethings that start out as useful eventually become limiting. 


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