Over and Over Again

sotd: will find later – hopefully – maybe not.

Not going to lie when mum brought home the newest book I’d reserved I was pretty damn disappointed. I had some hardhitters on that list. A joseph campbell book I’m really looking forward to (he’s the guy who stereotyped the hero’s journey and does a lot of cool stuff on myths) and some other stuff that seemed cool as hell.

I get most of my books I want to read off recommendations from people I think are dope. Like most of the books I’ve read recently are redbeard recommendations, a few are from people I admire and some from the AoM booklist. I totally would read some of the Tai Lopez books  but honestly he’s a schill that will literally read any trash that looks good on snapchat. It’s great and all that everyone can do anything now like publish a book but now it means there’s just so much trash. Also aware I’m included in that self-published trash due to the advent of blogging. But yeah back in the day you had to go through rigorous tests to get something published but literally any stay-at-home mum can get something published and put it on their linkedin. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

That does seem a little contradictory from my usual ideas of doing anything you can but whatever.

Anyway the book is Decoded by Jay-Z. Yep I decided to read a book by a man whose music I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to. Call me a hypebeast lol. I opened up a page and damn it’s real well written and I think it’ll be a great little book.

It’s like a lovely fairytale with a good ending. Too often with new tv shows and books they try and be edgy and don’t give you perfect endings which pisses me off because being brought up in the disney generation predisposes me to like soppy endings.


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