Boom Bang

Sotd: psycho pt2 – russ. 

My strange Chinese chintzy music app is great when it comes to illegallly downloaded music. Well it was when I was stuck in china for a month but it refuses to work here in the uk, apparently people care about copyright or something here. Sadly people don’t make VPNs into china, only out of china. Can’t imagine why people would want to enter an oppressive Internet state that breaks your whole phone with viruses and not allowing to visit any of the important websites on the internet. 

When you play any other song through it it attempts to find a song with the same name to find lyrics so now half my songs have japanese lyrics which is great. 

I’m not really sure what to write about today, I kinda want to write something about music because that kinda seems nice.

Our school has a little concert every year, well I say little but they book out this huge hall and it lasts a few hours and months of preparation. I think I’ve done it once in my life in primary choir but then my voice broke and I forgot how to sing. A teacher saw that I wasn’t doing it and seemed pretty surprised, apparently she thought I was pretty musical justifying it “oh but you do everything” which is strange because she’s never actually taught me and I don’t think any of my teachers know I actually play the piano. So probably got stereotyped, but should I really be insulted when it’s correct? 

I suppose that’s how I’ll introduce the idea (trying to wean myself off using ‘anyway’ as an opener to a paragraph because it’s awful) of me being rubbish at music. I have my grade 8 piano but if I’m honest it’s not because I’m musical. I’m dreadful at keeping a pitch, identifying a note or even noticing when I’m playing out of tune. It’s more an automated process like taking a test but instead of writing I’m just moving my fingers across a piano. I took up violin a few years ago and honestly I’m not as good as I should be for someone who’s done so much music already, everyone else is on this accelerated curve but I can’t really get my notes right and my teacher just seems really confused half the time – well I’m not that awful just not as good as I should be. 

There’s today’s awe-inspiring post, will probably rest tonight and not work so much, I don’t have much work to do just edit an essay and a Chinese thing but I think I’ll be fine to watch some top gear – or the grand tour as it’s now called. Actually I think someone said it came out at midnight tonight so I dunno maybe some Lucifer. I haven’t watched tv in a while, I reckon I could fit it in but hi early YouTube offers way more endorphins for your minutes than tv. 


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