Counting Your Blessings

Sotd: blessings- chance the rapper.

Not going to lie had a basically prophetic moment today. I just got off work, after my favourite customers of all time failed 2 credit checks I finally got them a phone contract so young man is making all that bonus money. Anyway I promised mum I’d be home soonish and I run to the bus stop, checked the bus times thing and realised I had fucked up. The bus wasn’t arriving at 18:24, I was meant to start walking at 18:24, the bus wasn’t arriving for another 10 minutes. I started freaking out, mum was going to kill me for being late for dinner after promising being home on time.

I go mad literally, dancing to geazy alone at a bus stop. Apparently whatever is up there recognized my desperation and I see a bus hustling down the road. It’s my bus. Either 10 minutes early or 10 minutes late but who cares.

I leap on, throw a bus ticket in the money collecter. Now these tickets are for 15 year olds and I’m 16 in my work uniform so the bus driver looks kinda confused but I’m beaming so much he doesn’t bother commenting.

So thanks for that God, really needed it.

I was really planning on going to the sauna for an hour or so tomorrow to sweat out all the toxins that seem to be accumulating and use flush my body out. Then my boss this morning mentions I’m working again tomorrow. Turns out it really pays to check out the weekly rota. So I’ve lost another 4 hours tomorrow so oh dear there’s no sauna for me nor relaxation, least I’ve got dollar.

I do feel like I spend my time coping nowadays but at least its better than surviving at the lowest level. I’m learning and eventually this struggle will become an easy way of life. Everyday blogging used to be hard but now I can literally do it with my eyes closed


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