Tinned Sardines

Sotd: 4am mark e bassy

I was really tempted to quit my job. Well not quit but not bother getting my contract renewed in the new year.

As I rolled around in bed this morning at 8ish thinking about how ridiculous my day was going to be. I’d wake up, do violin and piano practise and a few dozen flashcards before breakfast (a day where an everyday, two day and weekly set intersected). Starting chemistry and biology revision before running off to work for 4 hours before an hour and a half of badminton before starting revision at 8ish till whenever I finished.

Literally it sounds like the worst schedule ever and I swear to God I shed some real man tears this morning because I was terrified because this was literally going to be my life for the next few months – if not worse.

The morning was pretty brutal but I actually quite like flashcards and had a fry up with condensed milk coffee so I can’t really complain.

I get to work and then I realise I really don’t want to quit.

It’s literally just chatting and making stupid jokes for 4 hours straight. Sure I totally cock up sometimes and at times just make up some shit to get a sale but it’s a rollercoaster. We had a good laugh about VR porn which I’m still not allowed to see otherwise my manager gets a bollocking and yeah I just love it.

I realise I’m not sacrificing my time to go to work. Actually I’m not sure how I’d phrase it but I’d say I’ve chosen to have 8 hours less free time a week because I want to go to work. I’ve traded my soul for that 8 hours I can just sit in the shop and chat because it is probably one of the most enjoyable things I could do – plus I get paid hella dollars for it.

I read that book on flow and basically they say true happiness comes from when an adequate challenge is met with adequate skill and that’s what I feel like it is. Hours literally blow by and I’m loathe to take a lunch break for fear of missing out. It’s like some people will do anything to get a few hours more skiing in, I just really like working in a phone shop. It’s that sense of euphoria when you close a deal that is oh so addicting and makes up for all the lost hours in my week.

Honestly I was pretty sad today that I had to leave at 4, really wanted to squeeze in a few more deals today. This is the type of shit I want to be saying about my job all my life, that I literally can’t wait to go in. Though hopefully I won’t be selling phones my whole life.


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