Sink or Swim

Sotd: white iverson –  post malone. 

After that parents evening my chemistry class has literally become a ghost town, kids are too scared to even answer questions and yeah, it’s kinda scary seeing how important highers seem to be to people and what a kick in the ass does. 

I’ve had this niggling suspicion that my mum’s really mad at me, I couldn’t actually remember why and it was annoying me. 

Then I remember what it was, she dropped a hint that she knew about my illicit nighttime activities. I head up to bed at 10ish and then get out a book and start reading, usually for about half an hour but honestly it feels way shorter than that. I quite like it as a habit, I decompress and honestly there’s all that research saying that you shouldn’t look at screens just before bed so I avoid that and in general sleep way better. Now she knows I won’t be able to do that anymore which is honestly quite depressing because when else am I going to fit in 30 minutes of reading a day, in the morning? 

I’ll have to find a solution soonish because I ordered a little too many books and yeah becoming inundated. 


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