Sotd: irobot – Jon bellion. 

I thought it’d be cool to apply to some banking work experience thing because who knows what I want to do when I grow up and dunno being part of the global elite cartel seems pretty cool. I wrote a personal – statement thing in a couple of minutes yesterday and who knows they might be reading this. – I did idiotic ally give them my blog link. 

I’ve interviewed properly twice in my last few months. First of all for my job which is selling phones, I just had a lively little chat and peppered in things about my life motivation. The other was an interview to volunteer at the blind school. I was pretty warmly accepted to the job because the style I used was conducive to selling phones. I talked a little about my social awkwardness but it was pretty obvious I’d gotten over it. 

The blind school was a while other matter. I bombed. Apparently when it comes to working with vulnerable kids it doesn’t help to say you sometimes don’t get social cues and you struggled to get where you are. In a scathing email afterwards it was said “we don’t believe we have the resources to support you” and I dunno I thought it was hysterical they could care for deaf-blind kids but felt they couldn’t adequately help me. I’m not to mad honestly because it was idiotic to think the same game plan would work twice and I dunno I’ve had reservations that taking a chatty attitude to a major bank was really the right idea, but then again I reckon the people in HR should have a modicum of humour left and if anything it should help me stand out. 

I suppose I said it best in my CV. 

This may seem like it was done as a joke but because of my dearth of experience and acumen I needed something to polarise you into either sending a scathing reply or instantly hiring me because it gave you a little laugh.

And my application for sent around a few stores in the east of Scotland and everyone had a good laugh but whatever still got hired. 

As for an actual blog post today. 

I’m not sure really what’s happening but every time someone in my friend group ruins the patter by dropping a weak line or drops the ball chat wise they get shat on. I thought it was pretyy harsh then I realized its just an expression of something we all felt. 

When the conversations really flowing, everyone benefits. Conversation is a battle of the wits that is one of the best ways to exercise mentally. A good conversation is literally an impromptu jam session without instruments. 

A lot of people my age have decided to talk about politics or just logical chat and I’m sure that great but would you rather be talking logically or just enjoying every word you enunciate and living in this flow and bounce. 

Thats why it’s so annoying when someone drops the ball. The emotions just evaporate and they haven’t just ruined it for themselves but for everyone else. Our newly developed reaction to it is just an expression of how good a well put together conversation is and how annoying it is when one ends. 


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