Moment For Life

Sotd: moment 4 life – nicki + drake. Throwback to my first geography lesson of senior school. Asked to name 7 wonders of the world if we could choose. Me and my friend decide on a motley assortment that counted Russia – home of vodka, birthplAce of chuck Norris and of course the birthplace of our queen nicki. I think we got the first punishment exercises in the whole senior school that year. 

In compensation for our parents paying stupid amounts of money for our tuition we get lessons on how to be great people. Actually I’m pretty sure all schools offer it here and we spend 40 minutes a week on it so perhaps there isn’t that much of an emphasis on it. 

This week was study skills and honestly it was just me sitting around pretending I’d never heard of pomodoros or ways of studying effectively after I had received withering glares from my classmates for knowing what the “forest” app is. I was pretty much conking out if it wasn’t for the sound of that inferal plastic bottle crashing against the tables that doesn’t have equAlly sized legs (literally don’t understand how that’s possible).

Then it hit me, a flashback of a balding ginger man shouting at me through my phone. “it’s a moment of your life so fucking enjoy it” and yeah I tried learning a bit and paying attention and I’m not gonna make some shit up about me seeing the rays of God shining down and blessing me with knowledge but it was way more fun than just sitting around bored out of my mind. 

I was thinking about this at lunch. I’d honestly say I don’t do much that I don’t like in my week. I can honestly say I enjoy everything I spend my time doing. Apart from waking up at 6 in the morning to go to rowing sessions when I don’t even do rowing but I know it’s good for me and enjoy the results. Well I hate violin but I’m just going till my exam and am starting to like it. 

The thing is I do a lot of shit that isn’t considered likeable. Revising, working, doing exercise, reading and whatever else aren’t exactly things people pine about doing but I’d say I enjoy them quite a lot – perhaps I’d even go as far as saying I reckon I get more enjoyment out of working than most people to out of wAtching tv. 

I think what I’ve realised is that my time is limited and I better have fun doing it all because there isn’t much other time for it and there’s no much point in being sad in life because I don’t really think anyone cares, maybe God is out there somewhere looking kindly upon the meek but the reward for being sad is pretty far away and probably ethereal. 

So yeah, it’s a moment of your life so you better enjoy it because honestly is there really another option? (I think I say that phrase quite a lot).


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