Breaking Boxes

Sotd: myself – nav

As I left work I had this thought, or I just remembered something I’d heard someone else say. “you’re doing what you love when you’d work for nothing” I was meant to work until 4 but decided to go on till 6 because I dunno it’s addictive. 

Today was just one long beast experience. I don’t think I actually checked my phone during the day, I just rushed around from one close to another. Double upgrades, double handsets then a contract with accessories and insurance. Probably doesn’t actually mean anything to anyone but it felt stupid good. 

As I ran up to my bus stop red beard drops that nugget that I’ve been looking for in forever. Basically you should be making a  positive ecosystem of things that just constantly give you energy, I think that’s what I’m trying to do with my life right now. 

This morning I was thinking abiut something I used to chat about on this blog, the 5 pillars of your life – or maybe it was 4. Health, wealth, love and happiness. Health is idk, weird, I’m in good shape but still eating like shit so that’s lagging. Wealth I suppose I’m building but honestly that’s more education and I think I’m doing pretty well in school. Love, eh I’m getting on better with my parents than ever I suppose and happiness is pretty good I think. 

I’m not sure the point of that little exercise but its all you’re getting the Saturday night, off to just cry and revise now. 


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