Living on a Tightrope

LSotd: would you – khalid. 

“stand on the banks of the river for long enough and you’ll watch the bodies of your enemies float by”.

Another one of those quotes of ambiguous origin. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and its a funny little thing to think about. 

The idea is that basically eventually everyone has their day, any momentary gains or wind will eventually run out and they’ll be left broken and helpless without their crutch. Whilst the protagonist in this story remains stable and consistent and grows steadily everyone else who comes up with him eventually falls away and is lost in the ether. 

I’ve been reading Joseph Campbell recently who’s basically a guy who’s decided that every myth, story and dream ever fit an archetype that he’s set out in a series of essays, it’s kinda interesting if a dense read but it’s cool the lessons that basically every culture and faith pass on. Head the call for adventure or suffer, a lot of stuff about reaching your goals through dissolution of self which is david deida in a nutshell (perhaps everything does follow this one trail).

Since there’s been a deluge of videos on the new Pokemon games on my subscriptions I’ve given up on that for now, recently I’ve been checking out random Ted talks and just informative videos in general, it’s not that I’ve learnt a much more new stuff just reinforcing old lessons. 

As blanc says there’s not really much need to look outside, by now we have everything we need its just we don’t trust ourselves enough and need to do what we think we should do. 


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