Warming Signs

sotd: drive – oh wonder

I’ve already blogged today but this was so bizarre and I really just want to note this down before I forget the experience.

Today is day 2 of my future of cold showering, I’m not completely sure why I’m doing it. Maybe mental resilience and health benefits but honestly it’s a retarded idea to do in teh freezing winter.

Today to mix it up I decided to get in the shower first then turn on the water instead of tentatively putting my foot in I was diving into the deep end. I’d read somewhere that if you control your breathing you can do amazing things with your body. There’s the wim hof method where he literally vaporises pathogens in his body by regulating his blood pH, while I wasn’t looking to do that, not catching hypothermia would’ve been pretty good. I start trying to exhale and inhale for 6, pretty damn hard because my stress and fear are pretty damn high but I try nonetheless, turn the water on and freak out. I start hyperventilating and choking on water I’ve swallowed. I step out for a second and catch myself. Then some crappy youtube video pops up. Some ted talk of a guy talking about how to control stress, basically control heart rate variability which is the space between your heart beats or some shit. He talks about the two most important components of a steady breath. Firstly rhythm. It doesn’t even matter how many seconds in or out just keep it consistent. Then keep it smooth.

I had been trying to maintain that number of six and was literally forcing it in and out of my mouth. Fixating on the new number of three I jump back under. It’s pretty bad at first but I get a grip of it and start to count. I go through a few cycles then freak out.

The water’s turned hot. I check to see if in a moment of weakness I’ve turned on the hot water but I’ve not. I should also clarify by hot I don’t mean scalding but rather a pleasant not quite boiling temperature. I shower pleasantly like it was a normal shower and not baltic and then step out confused and worried. I think my nerves and hypothalamus just gave up because I told them by my breathing I was fine and it was all dandy, eventually it just gave up shivering.

The water didn’t change temperature, just my perception of it changed and what was a terrifying experience transcended into a not horrible one. Damn humans are damn cool.

Hopefully eventually I don’t need the minute or so of dying at the start and I just instantly reach the state of warmness, or perhaps the torture is the journey and shouldn’t be wanted to not exist (real butchered that sentence)


One thought on “Warming Signs

  1. Please don’t die of cold 😦 But oh my god, that’s actually really interesting. The fact that humans’ perceptions of relative temperature can change, either because you are used to it or because of a psychological factor, fascinates me.


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