Hellish Skies

Sotd: all time low – Jon bellion

I don’t know what to talk about right now. I get this thing where I have like 3 things to do tonight and im convinced it’ll take me 5 or so hours to fix it all when in reality a couple of minutes will fix it all, I’m horrible at approximating these things. 

If you’re ever stuck in conversation talk about the weather. There’s lovely bluey pink skies today in Edinburgh that are just very nice. It was bitter arctic cold for a good two days last week but it’s decided to calm down and now we’re not hovering around 0 but around a somewhat nicer number (of which I have no idea the value of).

I got asked again yesterday why I write the blog. I laughed coyly and prepared the next bullshit excuse. Then my friend “astutely” decides it’s for that personal statement ( when you apply for universities you write a few hundred words on why you think you should get hired) and I leap to defend myself, my ego protection steps in then I think for a second. Actually yeah, I suppose I do do it in part because it looks nice on your little form thing to say you’ve done a daily blog for a year or so. It looks a lot more impressive than it actually is. In  all honesty I spent an hour or so setting this up, 5 – 10 minutes writing a post and that’s it. Just compounded it’s a nice little mound of effort


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