Living Right

Sotd: for the stunt – russ. 

I’m not quite sure how some people manage to work more than 10 hours a day. I know not a lot of people do but some people manage it. I’m not saying I worked a 10 hour day because it was just school but I’m knackered. I was pretty damn close to conking out during violin today but a but of good news I think I finally have a decent piece to start practising. Mozart no40 1st movement. It’s probably not the best piece but I’ve already spent a month procrastinating and cant really be bothered wasting much more so I’ll check it out later. 

Let’s talk about swimming – not actual swimming because that’s a nightmare I left behind years ago but as red beard talks about swimming. I can’t remember the quote so you can get one about “no matter what happens my toes keep tapping”

I got my chemistry test back today and I was pretty disappointed with my score. I’d worked pretty hard and was honestly hoping for something better (also I’m not doing that white girl thing when they get 60% and get mad because they have this idea of deserving things).I was pretty annoyed for a good hour or so, like a lingering frustration but I’ve kinda lost it now. Objectively this week hasn’t been incredible but I dunno I still feel pretty good. I think I’ve finally reached the toes keep tapping stage of life – or perhaps I’m ignoring everything that isn’t working. 

I was talking last week about the huge trauma that I bet was impending, perhaps this was it and I’m handling it extremely well – or perhaps its yet to come and I’m being lulled into a false sense of security. 

I was listening to this ted talk about cold showers – in an attempt to convince myself to keep taking them and this guy talks about how if you couldn’t expect yourself to take a cold shower for 5 minutes how could you expect to do anything worthwhile with yourself. While that’s a little harsh there’s a little nugget of truth there. Plus the way I see it, I’m having a shower may as well take some benefit from it and it doesn’t cost me anything more. 


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