Mouldable Glue

Sotd: hopeless- khalid. Really didn’t like this one at first, if decided I was an OG khalid fan and that I liked his old discography more but honestly after a while this really warmed to me. 

Work wasn’t too bad today, in terms of sales I did awful – not to say I didn’t catch but more to say I didn’t really try well basically you miss every shot you don’t take and I didn’t take a lot of shots today. But I had a decent chat with the colleagues and I’m no longer the new kid – even though the new kid did better than everyone else today. 

Last night I was going to have a cheat night. A cheat night is where I let my mind wander on the Internet – not in a weird way but I just take in all the YouTube I’ve been missing lately or I watch something on Amazon prime until the early hours of the morning. Now my parents make me leave my phone downstairs every night but usually don’t bother checking anymore but last night my dad -sensing my ill thoughts decides to check and I’m out of pocket. I’m not really mad but I’m kinda mad I missed my binge. I suppose the choice now is whether or not to do it tonight and ruin next week because of bad sleep or take the binge. 

Hard to tell whether or not I get more enjoyment out of a good night’s sleep and a read before bed or an all night YouTube binge. I don’t really have any homework to be done so I could potentially sacrifice Sunday but who knows what I’ll do. 


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