Fire Balls

sotd: congratulations – post malone. Literally the most fire I’ve ever heard. I talk a lot of shit about youtube mixes but sometimes they do good like when the put a pirated version of post’s newest track on my mix when I haven’t listened to the guy in years. There’s a new Russ track, not sure if I like it, think it needs some breaking in.

Eh I’m not sure what to talk about today, maybe I’ll talk about relaxation. I’ve kinda forgotten about it, on a normal weekday the most relaxation I get is going to school or perhaps watching a daily doc whilst trying to figure out how to do a handstand. Actually on a sidebar I’m still trying to do that handstand. It’s been a couple of months since I decided to try every day for a few minutes and I’m getting a lot better- I can hold it supported for a while and it’s going g I think, I reckon in a couple more I could do a proper handstand. showers used to be my solace but then the cold hit and now they’re another nightmare I have to go through in my day.

On rowing mornings I sit around before and after sets just whispering to myself “fuck this shit” and yeah I’m done and beat, but it’s a nice done like a I’ve done what I need to done and doing done and I don’t know where this is going.

At least now I have foresight. A few months ago I couldn’t think more than 2 or three days in the future, now I’m planning a few days in advance and it’s made all the difference.

Finishing up here because I have another blog to write and things to do.


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